Claims Process

Making a Personal Insurance claim with Travelers Canada is easier than you may think

The process of making a Personal Insurance claim is easier than you may think. After receiving your claim report, we will promptly assess what you are owed and make your experience as positive as possible. To help you understand your role and ours in the claim process, we have created a simple guide, outlining the five steps of the process, from reporting to closing a claim.

Step 1 – Report your claim

What you do: Contact Travelers Canada and your broker.

What we do: Activate your claim and assign an adjuster to your case.

Step 2 – Your claim is activated

What we do: An adjuster calls you to determine the details of your loss.  The adjuster will also send you a claim letter that outlines our process and may include the appropriate forms.

What you do: During this call, describe the event regarding the claim. You will receive a claim letter from your adjuster which, depending on the nature of the claim, describes the process and could include various forms. Please complete the relevant forms and return them promptly.

Step 3 – Value is determined

What you do: For an auto claim, have your vehicle taken to a recommended repair facility to get a repair estimate. If you choose one of our recommended facilities, the one estimate that they prepare will be all that is required. Your adjuster will review the vendor estimate(s); once approved by the adjuster, you will arrange for the work to be completed. If your vehicle is determined to be a total loss (non-repairable), your claim will be settled based on your vehicle’s actual cash value at the time of the loss. Read more information about the total loss process here.

For property claims, protect your property from further damage and continue to provide information to the adjuster during the claim investigation. See step 4 for more information.

What we do: The adjuster assesses the loss, and may recommend a replacement or repair facility that is best suited for your particular claim.

Step 4 – Your settlement

What we do: For auto claims, a payment is made in one of three ways. It can be issued directly to you, to one of our recommended repair facilities, or as a co-payable cheque to you and a vendor to ensure your satisfaction. For property claims, we may issue a cheque to you so the repairs can begin or we may issue a cheque to one of our recommended repair facilities. Your claim specialist can provide details specific to your situation.

At this stage, we will also provide an explanation of your deductible.

Step 5 – Your claim is closed

What we do: Your adjuster will call you and discuss your experience throughout the claim process. Once you are satisfied, we will close the claim.

What you do: Discuss your claim experience with your adjuster, and keep records of all claim-related transactions.

Privacy Notice

In the course of investigating the claim, we will collect, use and disclose personal information as permitted by law and for the following specified purposes:

  • To validate information provided by you
  • To ensure personal information is accurate and up to date
  •  To assess liability, coverage and entitlement to insurance proceeds
  • To negotiate and settle claims
  • To analyze risk and business needs
  • To detect and prevent error or fraud
  • To exchange information with other property and casualty insurance companies, health professionals, adjusters, assessors, valuators and other insurance related services or information providers, as dictated by prudent insurance industry practices

If you have any questions, visit our Privacy Center.

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