Chieftain Insurance

Chieftain Insurance

Insurance that fits your life

Sometimes, simple is better

If you live in Ontario and your home and car insurance needs are straightforward, Chieftain could be a fit for you. Chieftain offers comprehensive coverage through a standardized set of features that accommodate the needs of many people, at a competitive price.

Should you require a more tailored solution to meet your unique requirements, Travelers Canada offers a full range of products and coverages that can be customized for you. Whether your needs are simple or complex, your broker will find the Travelers Canada solution that’s right for you.

Chieftain makes it easy

Continuous protection –
Your Chieftain policy won’t expire unless you cancel it. That means never having to worry about renewing your policy. If you do choose to cancel coverage, you can do so at any time without penalty.

Rated monthly – Your Chieftain insurance premiums are always up to date based on the most current information. That can add up to immediate savings. For example, an improved driving record will take immediate effect and may lower your insurance rate the following month.

Convenient monthly payments – Payments are made monthly by credit card or online/telephone bank payments.

Chieftain auto insurance

Our Chieftain private passenger automobile policies include the following coverage, subject to certain limits:

$2 million liability

Accident benefits – higher limit medical, rehabilitation and attendant care coverages are automatically included and can be increased

Direct compensation − property damage (no deductible) 

All perils ($1,000 deductible) 

Uninsured automobile 

Loss of use 

Liability for damage to non-owned automobiles when you rent a vehicle

Waiver of depreciation 

Family protection coverage

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Chieftain home & condo insurance

Our Chieftain property policies include the following coverage, subject to certain limits:

For homes & condos

$2 million liability protection

"New for Old" replacement means that no matter how old the item reported lost, stolen or damaged, we replace it with a similar new item 

Protection for sewer backup, mass evacuation and food in freezers

Unlimited coverage for computers, fine arts and silverware 

For homes

"Guaranteed Replacement" − In the event of a loss, we will pay the full cost of rebuilding your home, regardless of the coverage limit

Coverage for the property of students living away from home, while within the overall policy limit

Your property is insured up to a maximum of 300 percent of the estimated replacement cost 

For condos

Loss assessment protection up to three times the policy limit for your share of the assessment where a direct loss to common areas was caused by loss or damage we insure

Up to three times the limit of your policy available for contingent insurance, meaning coverage gaps between your policy and the condominium corporation's policy

Improvements and betterments added to your unit are covered up to your policy limit

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Prepare and Prevent

Tips to protect yourself against the unexpected

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Personal and responsive claim service

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