Additional Residential Real Estate Products

Beyond New Home Warranty

Equity Edge™ New Home Deposit Bond

The Equity Edge™ New Home Deposit Bond is one of the many Travelers Canada’s residential real estate products specifically designed to assist you with one of the most exciting purchases you will make.

Equity Edge™ is a surety bond that is available to purchasers in "pre-sale" development projects where a member builder chooses to accept this bond as a portion of the deposit required by the agreement of purchase and sale.

This facility assists purchasers in completing their deposits without having to liquidate investments, withdraw RRSP funds or seek interim financing. Applications are reviewed to confirm that the purchasers or applicants have the equity to back-up the requested bond amount and that they have the ability to complete the purchase.

The bond does not reduce the final purchase price of the new home. It is a means of deferring the payment of a portion of the deposit amount until completion of the project.

The bond can replace up to half of the final portion of the total required deposit. Travelers Canada requires a purchaser to contribute a minimum deposit of $10,000, with the maximum bond amount issued being $100,000. Only one bond is allowed at a given time for a purchaser or household.

If you are interested in using Equity Edge™, please contact an Equity Edge™ underwriter at 1.800.555.9431 or

Deposit Protection Insurance

Deposit Protection Insurance (“DPI”) is another Travelers Canada residential real estate product specifically designed to benefit member builders in British Columbia and Alberta.

British Columbia

The Real Estate Development Market Act (“REDMA”) became law on January 1, 2005. REDMA provides for deposit insurance that permits builders and developers of strata properties in British Columbia to use deposit monies as a source of project financing. REDMA provides that upon entering into a Deposit Protection Contract a developer may request that the deposit be released from the lawyer’s trust account and use that deposit for purposes related to the development of the property, including its construction and marketing.


The Condominium Property Act (“CPA”) currently requires that all deposits paid on condominium unit purchases remain in a trust account until title is transferred. Deposit Protection Insurance is an insurance product which facilitates the use of purchasers’ deposits by a builder/developer of multi-family developments to help finance construction.

Benefits of DPI to Member Builders

  • DPI permits an alternate source of funding to be used and does not tie up valuable credit lines or cash resources
  • The cost of a DPI facility may be significantly less expensive than the costs of secondary or mezzanine financing

Travelers Canada adds value to your project. The Travelers Canada staff is the most knowledgeable and experienced in the new home warranty business offering you underwriting expertise and advice on a wide range of residential real estate products. If you are interested in DPI, please download a fact sheet or contact our DPI underwriter at 1.800.555-9431 or

Building Envelope Renovation Warranty - 2-5 Year Home Warranty

In the building envelope renovation warranty market, Travelers Canada offers contractors, envelope consultants and strata corporations a viable and competitive alternative. We provide the legislated 2-5 Year Home Warranty coverage for larger projects that are being repaired by fully qualified building envelope renovation contractors under the guidance of professional and knowledgeable building envelope consultants. Only those building envelope renovators who have met the stringent underwriting criteria and who are bondable are approved member building envelope renovators with Travelers Canada. We have also established a roster of building envelope consultants who have the proper expertise and who carry professional liability insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Rasilainen, Assistant Vice President, Technical Services.

Renovation Warranty 2-5-5 Year Home Warranty

Travelers is pleased to provide the 2-5-5 renovation warranty. It is the most comprehensive third party renovation warranty in North America that gives homeowners the peace of mind that the renovation completed by a registered builder will have warranty coverage against defects that are backed by an insurance company. The coverage is as follows:

2 Year Materials & Labour Warranty

  • First 12 months - coverage for any defect in materials and labour
  • First 24 months - coverage for any defect in materials and labour supplied for the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning delivery and distribution systems.

5 Year Building Envelope Defects Warranty

5 Year Structural Defects Warranty

If you have any questions, please download a fact sheet or contact one of our underwriters for further information.