Leadership Team

The senior leadership of the new Travelers Canada includes:

Heather Masterson, President and CEO

Doug Hogan, Chief Financial Officer

Susan Watts, Chief Operating Officer

Erika Schurr, Chief Actuary

Sabrina Carbe, Operations

Erica Glendinning, Business Insurance

Jean-Pierre (JP) Gagnon, Personal Insurance

Robert Burns, Surety

Steve Smith, Specialty Insurance

John Billis, Risk Control

Lucy Hathaway, Sales and Distribution

Naomi Khan, Human Resources

Steve Whitelaw, Planning & Execution and Operational Effectiveness

John Rocco, Marketing and Communications

Tracey Primmer, Legal and Compliance

Anna McCrindell, Business Insurance

Pam Marson, Strategic Planning & Execution

Glynda Gill, Information Technology

Kareem Sandid, Strategic Initiatives