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At home

Help keep your property a safe haven

Get tips on maintaining and safeguarding your property so you can feel safe and comfortable in the place you call home

Your home is not only your refuge, but is probably your most valuable asset, as well. How do you safeguard that investment? By keeping it safe and well-maintained. As you plan to invest a little time in prevention and maintenance, we at Travelers Canada can help you keep your home the safe haven you cherish.

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What's in your home?

It's important to have an up-do-date list of your important possessions.

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Fall home maintenance tips

Fall foliage is beautiful, but not when it builds up in your gutters! Take these tips into account during the cool autumn months.

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Space heater safety tips

In order to save money in the colder months, many people opt to use a space heater to heat one room rather than heat the entire structure. Regardless of your plan, it is important to be cautious.

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Snowbirds: Winterize your home while you're away

If you are a snowbird heading south for the winter, there are several key things you can do to help protect your vacant home.

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Keep your basement safe and dry

Ensure your sump pump is fully functional for when you need it most

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Is your home an easy mark?

Learn how you can protect your home from theft

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