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Travelers Canada was the first insurer approved by the Financial Institutions Commission to offer home warranty insurance prior to the implementation of the Homeowner Protection Act in 1999 and has been the leading home warranty provider in BC since inception. Travelers’ clients account for more than 55 percent of all housing starts in B.C. and 65 percent of multi-family starts. Through our stringent underwriting criteria, Travelers proudly endorses the best builders and developers in the residential development and construction industry in B.C.


In December 2012, the Alberta government passed the New Home Buyers Protection Act (“NHBPA”) with a goal of improving the new residential construction market in Alberta. Regulations have been finalized and effective February 1, 2014, all builders are required to have home warranty in place in order to obtain a building permit.

When selecting new builders for its home warranty program in B.C. and Alberta, Travelers Canada takes into consideration the builder’s track record, technical expertise, financial capacity and after-sales customer service. Only those builders who meet our underwriting criteria are approved as member builders by Travelers Canada.

If you would like to apply to Travelers Canada’s home warranty program, please contact one of our underwriters to request a Builder Application. (Please note that the Builder Application is not available online.)

For additional information about B.C.’s Homeowner Protection Act and/or Alberta’s New Home Buyers Protection Act and Regulations or topics such as Owner Builders, Builder Obligations and Exclusions, please visit the B.C. Homeowner Protection Office website or the Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Office website.

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